She found letters clipped to an old book shd purchased from a run-down store — short story

She has found, amongst the tethered pages, 3-clipped letters belonging to a man named Edmund Harris, made out to his beloved wife Joanne.

They date back to 1941, from the time of the second world war. Edmund, an officer in the royal british army, was amongst many fine young men acting as the buffers to impede all invading nazi forces.

He has served his country well with the sole intention of defending the innocents, yet as dedicated to his duties as he is, he has not for one moment forgotten about his sweetheart back home, who was waiting for him back home in sunny side leeds.

She is his muse and his main purpose for fighting the war, his love for her unfaltering even under the heaviest of enemy artillery.

The first letter read as follows:

“My Darling Joanne,

It has been 3-months since I last seen your smile, and every moment spent far from you is as agonizing as a hundred daggers stabbing at my soul.

The war has devestated much of the lands. Lands which once bloomed pine trees and lavenders now host what seems to be an endless stream of ballistics. A chaos beyond measurement of any word. Yet, even in such a tattered world divided by cruel sadistic psychotic “leaders”, love persists ever stronger.

It is the thought of having you once again in my arms that gives me the strength to carry on, the power to lift my rifle and defend our lands from inevitable doom and all-encompassing hatered.

My promise to you my love, nothing but the will of God will prevent my coming back home to you. For even if our house is crumbled to pieces and reduced to ashes, my home will forever be between your arms.

Your ever faithful husband, lover, and best friend.


The girl could not believe her eyes! What she held between her tiny frail hands is more than just words scribbled down on a piece of paper, the relic she has found houses fragments of a man’s soul, a man named Edmund, which she assums is no longer alive. The breath that was once in his body had been dedicated to his loving bride, Joanna.

The girl yearned for such love, she spent the next hour imagining what Edmund looked like. She assumed his hands to be smooth and well kept by judging his elegant hand writting, written in perfect cursive English. Edmund would definitely be a deemed a professional, had hand-writing was a sports which hosts tournaments, she thought he would perhaps been a remarkable calligrapher.

She also thought plenty of Joanne, who would be so charming and so enticing to inspire such a deep, faithful, and unending love? She wandered in the cornerstones of her mind, attempting to visualize how Joanne looks like, did she have long blond hair with deep sapphire blue eyes colder than the frigid frost of the antractic? Or did she have auburn hair like her, did she braid her hair or let it flow through the winter winds?

She also thought of leeds, how did the country side in England looked like? She never visited nor did she have any internet or mobile phone to discover it on google,she only had her imagination to rely on. She thought of leeds to be a quite country side, covered with green steep hills and roads with rocky edges, untainted by industrialisation.

She wondered if she is as pretty as Joanne was, she thought of Joanne was still alive, but she doubted that, if she was still alive there is no way she would have discarded the letters clipped to the book she purchased from the run down streets of gloomy beirut.

She thought endlessly of so many things in such a few moments, and marveled on the beauty of writing, the ability to communicate the deepest innermost sensations any man, woman, or child possesses.


This is part one. If you are interested in this please let me know so I can continue the story.

Note: this is unedited and written on mobile within 20 minutes but please do judge me harshly and relentlessly. 🙂

My universe #love #poem #poetry #garbage

#love #poem #poetry #garbage

She is my world, my universe

I see the stars dazzling in her eyes

The sun shinning bright in her smile

I see the river’s flow in her crimson skin

a row of diamonds in her grin

And scarlet rose petals in her hair

A bed of flowers above her eyes

Where my heart surely lies

Her fixated ibony gaze

Cause my words pain to phrase

I only yearn

Tap my lips on hers so firmly

To part with her would be so grimly

She is my world, my universe

Live young soul

The whimsy of travel, mysteries to unravel

Relish on the experiences, explained in youth

Seek what your heart, considers the truth

Bruise your soul, with the burden of life

The hardship of supporting your child and your wife

Is but a fleeting moment in a world so dormant

Reflect on this sonnet, this very stanza

Deflect your worries, live young soul

Live long and live free

Discover every corner sit under every tree

Step into new lands for adventures uncharted

For the only wealth you create

Is it worth living for

Or further more, worth dying

Drugs are bad kids mmkkaayy?

Last one ive promised my self i would stop

And this bullshit and repugnant habit i will drop

My pride and dignity my youth it robbed

I no longer recognize the man that i am

Injecting the toxins while my body rejects

My mind is in bliss but still i disrespect

My self for succumbing to this faulty life

I once had dreams of a proper job, a good wife

I wonder if i still have chance to redeem

The years ive lost and ties ive severed

If I am to relive the countless hours ive lost

Popping and smoking fucking pills and some crack

I would have done things so differently

Would have chose a different track

If I could turn back time

Just have my old life back

Dota 2 solo ranking

Illusion or a spectre,

I wouldnt know

Inside it festers

Larger it grows

Plagued and cursed my soul it ravaged

A savage, a mongrel, a retard im called

A cyka, a blyat, those strangers grow bold

Degrading my play style trash talking my mom

Pride and integrity it only matters to some

But through all those assholes past all the feeding and crying

I hang on and pull through but inside im.dying

Blinking from neutrals to another neutral i farm

Stacking each minute its all part of the flow

Still my teamsmates they wonder my plans

They tell me stop farming were losing so bad

“Chill mate i got this im antimage ill carry”

But their only response is “Your parents ill bury”

Fuck is wrong with those children i ponder

Those kids to them ill never grow fonder

Rush to my manta to my basher and heart

Now that im farmed its time for my part

They push us through mid they got weaver and pudge

My teammates are pinging, i needed a nudge

I blink in i ambush and kill off their nuker

Weaver is squishy but damn he can run

wont be a problem cause I have a stun

In seconds i vanquished two of their team

While my team lies weak their moral fractured

I gave new hope a chance to win this

They saw my mettle my brawns my might

They realized that maybe,just maybe im right

They join in to help me, to aid me in battle

Only three are left our victory assured

But i had no need for their intervention

I had my focus channeled my attention

To wiping their team dispose of whats left

Soon ill be done a load off my chest

Windranger escaping while puck fights back

But little of a challenge slim his chances

Swift was his death with one hit he cracked

Pudge was easy was killed by four

One thing this team had been good for

With haste I pushed took down their barracks

Their ancient defenceless they had no buybacks

And in 40 mins the game was over

Ez rank ez +25